World’s Best Ghost Tours

Looking for the most noteworthy tours and destinations for an encounter with the supernatural? Check out the World’s Best Ghost Tours:


1.  Boston, Massachusetts

Join other adventure seekers and become an apprentice grave digger on the Ghosts and Gravestones Tour through the darker side of Boston. A scary, fun and informative frightseeing experience that is truly one of a kind.  Step aboard the trolley of the doomed and join your host, a 17th-century grave digger, cursed with a sentence of eternal damnation. This wretched creature is doomed to travel the streets of Boston and relay the stories of the unfortunate souls he encountered and the macabre events he had been witness to during his purgatory.  Read more…

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2. Paris, France

For many, Paris by night is a place of romance and moonlit walks along the Seine. For others, it’s a place of mystery and the ghosts of the past that haunt city streets. This walking tour of Paris’ ghosts, mysteries and legends takes you on a journey through the hidden Paris – when the City of Light is finally dark. As you visit tucked-away streets off the beaten path, you’ll hear intriguing ghost stories and legends that will bring a chill to the night’s air, as well as little-known facts about Paris and its history.  Read more…

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3. London, England

This Jack the Ripper and Ghost Walk  tour will commence with a drive along the darkest sides of London. You will see the Drury Lane Theatre , said to be the most haunted theatre in London! See the sinister and ghostly side of London as you follow the blood-soaked footsteps of murderer Jack the Ripper down gas-lit alleyways on a walking tour of London that will have you trembling with fear!  Read more…

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4. Stockholm, Sweden

When Stockholm’s museums have locked their ancient doors, when the stores are all closed and people have retreated to the safety of their homes, this is when the empty streets of Stockholm’s Old Town are handed over to the spirits, vampires and to us. Stockholm’s past will come to life on this 2hour Stockholm Ghost Walk Read more…

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5. Savannah, Georgia

Enjoy an evening excursion through the darker side of America’s Most Haunted City!  Your voyage will take you throughout Savannah’s historic district, focusing on some of the city’s most haunted sites, eerie legends and frightening residents. Your Ghost Host will entertain you with their expert storytelling and knowledge of all things “shadowy and sinister.” One never knows what one might encounter when you “cross-over” aboard Ghosts & Gravestones.  Read more…

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